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I'VE BOOKED MY VENUE, WHAT NEXT? : My wedding planning tips.

bride and groom infront of neon lights.

Congratulations, you’ve booked your venue! That’s a major step in organising your wedding. But what happens next? Thinking about it can be overwhelming, right? Don’t worry, this blog will help you work out which items should be next on your agenda!

bride and grooms wedding photograph is photo bombed by the wedding party.

First, you want to start with the suppliers! It’s important to find the right suppliers, but also to act quickly once you have found the ones you can relate too. Most couples book me because of my un-posed and relaxed style. Because of this, I tend book up quite quickly, and there’s nothing that upsets me more than turning a couple away because their date is no longer available!

bridal party champagne spray

Then you want to think about food. Does the venue supply its own catering, or do you want external catering? Food vans, banquets, buffets, hot roast, ice cream vans, the options really are endless. So, consider what you want to serve and how it fits in with the broader theme of the wedding. Also, don’t forget your cake!

street food- loaded fries with chicken

Ladies will then want to think about their hair and make-up. As with photographers, they can book up quickly, so get them secured once you have a date. They also provide trials so you can check they’re right for you before the big day.

bride having make up done

Lads, I haven’t forgotten about you! Think about the style of suit you want, and which stores can support you with tailoring, and whether they off suit leases, or packages.

You will also want to consider your entertainment throughout the day. Think, musicians, DJ’s, and magicians? Party games, photo booths, and lawn games are great ways to keep your guests engaged and having fun. Singing waiters or brass bands are also becoming popular, if that’s your thing.

bride and groom paying bean bag toss

Finally, you want to focus on the details. For example, venue dressers! How do you want the venue to look? You could have awesome glitter walls for photos, or large flower displays. Think of the colour palettes, and furnishings that suit the venue. I recommend you have a look around at the style of wedding you want and book the suppliers to dress the venue to match. It’s also worth noting that florists will cover your bouquets as well as flowers for the venue.

flat lay photos of bridal details and rings

This isn’t an extensive list, but a good starting place to get you well on your way to planning an amazing wedding day that focuses on what you both want as a couple! All that’s left to do is get the word out there and invite your nearest and dearest to come party with you!

If you've not yet spoken to a photographer, I'd love to hear all about your plans! Contact me

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Blog Writer - Jon-Jo Armstrong

Photographer - Chris Thompson


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