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Wedding traditions do not remain fixed. They change with culture and society, and more than ever we are seeing couples do things their own way.

When you’re planning your wedding (which may be a few years after your engagement), you might find vendors and styles outside of what can be seen as traditional, and that they often change. So, what are the top five new trends we’re seeing in 2023?


couple praying champagne on their wedding day.

1. Colours!

We’re seeing weddings that are increasingly diversifying their colour palette. Neon oranges, wacky greens and sunset yellows are adding new dimensions to weddings! Don’t be afraid, if you and your partner love purple and pink, use it as a theme and bring life to your wedding!

flower display at the alter in Trafalgar warehouse

2. Mismatched bridesmaid dresses.

This is a really cool trend we’re seeing, where bridesmaids are showing their own personality in their dresses, with unique styles and colours.

bride walking with bridesmaids in mismatched bridesmaids dresses.

3. Sustainability.

Going green isn’t easy, and we all need to do our bit! As we become more sustainable in our thinking, why can’t we have sustainable weddings? Re-using dresses, meat free food vendors and eco-friendly venues are in. So why not ditch the plastic and opt for more environmentally friendly options where you can?

street food

4. Coloured Wedding Dresses.

More and more brides are moving away from the traditional white and opting for colourful dresses, and floral patterns. We’re seeing more of these mix and match styles hitting the market so keep your eyes peeled if you want something to wow your guests beyond the tried and tested white.

bride and groom at top of mountain, alternative couple with red dress.

5. Smoke Grenades.

I can personally vouch for this; smoke grenades are fantastic fun. I absolutely love to bust these out and get and them going! They can create really powerful shots between the couple and generate a buzz with the guests!

bride and groom with smoke bombs

These are the top five trends were seeing in the industry right now! It’s not just alternative couples that are doing these trends, but more and more people are mixing and matching, and tearing up the wedding playbook.

My personal prediction: Paper confetti

Hear me out, we all love confetti and its nothing new, but traditional dried petals are not the one, they leave you covered in dried flower dust that clings to your freshly done makeup! Paper confetti is fully biodegradable and dissolves the next time it rains. Plus the paper confetti has more hangtime in the air meaning way batter photos! I've teamed up with Flutter Darlings so you can get 10% discount on your next confetti order using code CHRISRT

couple with confetti on wedding day at crucible in Sheffield.

If you want to know other trends that are happening and what your photographer can do for you, why not reach out to me for a chat? I’d love to come and shoot your wedding and help you create a truly unique wedding day.

Blog Writer - Jon-Jo Armstrong

Photographer - Chris Thompson


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