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Updated: Jun 19, 2023

Planning a wedding is incredibly stressful and rewarding. There’s a lot to consider for your big day, from catering to guest lists and where you want your ceremony to be held. Hiring a good Photographer is right up there on the to do list, so if you’re stuck it’s a good job you’ve stumbled across this blog! Read on for my 9 Top Wedding Tips!(Give or Take).

bride and groom on wedding day climbing on rocks

Before the Big Day:

1. Don’t listen to everyone.

I know, it’s obvious, but there’s a reason why this is at the top of the list. Weddings are special occasions for everyone involved but, that doesn’t mean they should suit everyone. Drown out Uncle Bob and Auntie Karen (we’ll come back to these two later on). Do you want a DIY wedding in a barn? Go for it. Do you want a giant cake made of cheese (not a cheesecake desert but a cake of cheese)? Do it. A family friend of mine created a Wedding Campsite for the weekend and had their ceremony in a giant tent! Do whatever suits you and your partner. Drown out the noise and make it your own!

bride and room at sunset in corn field

2. Plan your day!

Planning can help your day run smoothly as possible! So, take time to think about how your day will be and when and what time we can get those killer shots in. If you have booked or are considering booking with me (I hope you do), then my clients receive a questionnaire six-weeks in advance. I want to know everything. How many attendees, groomsmen, bridesmaids, locations etc. That way, I can work out a comprehensive timeline of the day so we can get those amazing shots.

cheers wine in front of cake

3.Think about Venue Dressing and Locations.

Now we’re getting close to the day, and you’ve seen the venue on multiple occasions, consider dressing and locations. Make it reflect you and your partner! Banners, candles, flowers and even balloon arches. Get some neon lights up, or dainty fairy lights! Just avoid lights that are garish and harsh, like floodlights. Have you thought about cool locations for those action shots? Stairs, arches, gardens, long hallways, think about these places when planning!

alternative wedding centerpeice

4. Get to know your photographer.

Look, the photographer is going to be stuck to your hip all day long. So it’s in the best interest of both parties that you take time to get to know your photographer. They will be there in the most emotional moments of the day! Do you really want a photographer who has the personality of a flannel beside you all day? No! Booking a couple’s shoot is a great way to get to know them! Oh, would you be believe it, you can read more about Couple’s Shoots in my blog post here!

photographer sat on chair

On the Big Day:

So, after all that planning, we’ve made it to your wedding day, whoop! Let’s talk wedding day specific tips!

5. Great Wedding Photos don’t just happen by accident.

Kind of goes without saying, but they really don’t. For your photographer to provide hundreds of photos of people having a good time, we need to make sure people are having a good time! Crack out the bubbly, confetti, or even smoke bombs! Get people on their feet, have lawn games, and hire a banging DJ. Remember my friend with the campsite wedding? He had a bean bag war on his big day! Generate a buzz, laughter and those awesome shots will come rolling in.

Champaign spray with bridal party

6. Have an unplugged ceremony.

Imagine you’re at the end of the aisle, tears in your eyes looking at your partners face. The first kiss is coming up and the photographer is poised to grab the shot of your lifetime and, disaster. Auntie Karen has leant into the aisle with her oversized iPhone and covered your faces for the sake of a crap photo. Moment, ruined. Please, for the love of God tell everyone to stash their devices away! You’re paying a lot of money to have a professional take the shots, not your irritating soon to be in laws!

phot with i phone in isle covering bride and groom

7. Don’t get bogged down when things don’t go to plan…

Because they won’t. Not every second of your wedding will go right. Your dress will get dirty, your dad may have the wrong shoes or Uncle Bob has sunk 4 San Miguel’s by 11.00 am. Take everything in your stride. The day is a reflection of your journey, so see it as a continuation of that journey. The good, the bad and the ugly. And even the things that do go wrong presents an opportunity to get a killer shot and create a funny memory!

bride and grooms feet walking through the woods

8. Don’t focus on the pictures, focus on being in the moment.

This sounds simple, but it can be so easy to get distracted by the photographer. Let go of those anxieties and focus on the here and now. Be present in that moment with your partner. Kiss them, push them, pull them close, laugh with them, jump on their backs, be yourselves! Whatever you do, the photographer will catch every beautiful moment. This is your moment together. Live it together.

bride and groom picked up outside chapel

9. Keep People Busy!

This ties in closely with number 5 but nonetheless, it’s worth emphasising! Have things going on around the venue. A sweet stall, a photobooth, a fire pit, whatever! As long as people are up, moving and having fun. Otherwise, every shot will be of people sat down feeling tired from all the food, drink, and merriment.

bride and groom playing lawn game

There you have it, my top 9 Wedding tips! If you’ve made it this far, I will throw in additional 10th tip for free. Here it is, take 5 minutes to be with your partner. Now, that sounds daft. But I am getting married to the person I love, I am with them all day, what do you mean!? Simply put, you’re going to be busy, all day. So when you get the chance, sneak away for a while and take in the reality of the moment.

There you have it, my top 9 wedding tips (give or take)!

If you Haven't yet found a photographer and like my approach, lets chat!

bride and groom stood in empty crucible

Blog Writer - Jon-Jo Armstrong

Photographer - Chris Thompson


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